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A par excellence innovative and dedicated international event management specialist, Eureka Conference, Inc. offers a unique range of services to its clients varying from individuals to large multinational corporations, strengthened and inspired by our core values of quality, efficiency and knowledge in client services.


Equipped with a full-fledged Event Management Division, Eureka Conference, Inc. offers a complete solution for the management and marketing of the conferences and symposia from lining-up resource persons and participants in any discipline of science, social science, humanities, etc. to promotional activities and managing funds. We can be involved in:

  • Development of the Idea
  • Management of the Full/Partial Event
  • Following up Post-Event Matters


Conference organization includes but is not limited to:

  • Program Administration & Management
  • Registration Services / Delegate Registration (both online & offline)
  • Payment & fee collection (both online & offline)
  • Housing Services/Venue Locations
  • Technical and AV support
  • Preparation of Delegate Packs & Badges
  • Exhibition Sales & Management
  • Fund Management and Sponsorships
  • Event Marketing Services & Press Release (PR)
  • Web site designing & Maintenance
  • Communication
  • Preparing Conference Documents
  • Value Added Event Management and Production
  • Quality Control
  • Transportation


Prospective exhibitors are offered the following services:

  • Providing advice and assistance for exhibition and sponsorship opportunities
  • Budgeting, finances and account
  • Venue search & site inspection: preparing floor plans and exhibition space distribution
  • Identifying potential exhibitors and sponsors
  • Identification and development of a client database in direct collaboration with the organizers
  • Managing direct mailing
  • Providing web design and website maintenance: floor plan
  • Email and Direct contact with potential exhibitors / sponsors
  • Preparing sponsorship and exhibition contracts
  • Production and handling of exhibitors manual
  • Booking exhibition and sponsorship space
  • Direct communication with registered exhibitors
  • On-site assistance for exhibitors
  • Logistics solutions
  • Practical organization for exhibitors: hotel recommendation / reservation, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and social program

The above comprehensive list of services, each ensuring the success of an event, are offered serving the best interests of the client.

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Our experience and expertise in Publishing and related ancillary Information Technology fields ideally place us to turn your concepts and ideas into reality.

Publishing services include but are not limited to:

Pre-Publishing-Editing, Proofreading, etc.

Desktop Publishing-Composing, Graphics, Printing, Online Publishing, etc.

Post-Publishing-Indexing, Distribution etc.

E-Publication-Web site Designing, Data Conversion, CD ROM Publishing, etc.